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Serving the Greater Alameda County Area

An Experienced Defender


Miki Tal will fight for you.  Miki is a former prosecutor and public defender who has successfully defended thousands of clients accused of breaking the law including DUI's, drug cases, domestic violence, assaults, homicides, fraud, robberies and gun charges.  


Miki practices criminal defense in all counties in California, handling misdemeanors, felonies and juvenile cases. 

Miki is an aggressive trial attorney who tries all types of cases.  She handles the toughest cases and has won the respect of judges and prosecutors alike for her tenacious and intelligent defense of her clients.


Miki graduated from U.C. Berkeley and Cardozo Law School in New York City.  While in law school, she worked for Barry Scheck's Innocence Project to overturn wrongful convictions using DNA evidence.  Miki has a passion and talent for battling the police and prosecutors in criminal cases. This is the reason why she only handles criminal cases.


"Miki Tal Is an amazing lawyer she helped my family in a very critical criminal situation. Miki is quiet but very experienced and knowledgeable, she's fights for her clients aggressively,I was really amazed by how well she presents herself in delegations.  Miki is not scared easily nor afraid to confront anybody regardless of whom they are.  she's GREAT!! Thanks for all that you did for my son and I .....E.V"


"Miki Tal is an amazing attorney and if I ever get into trouble again, she is the only person i would hire for criminal matters period. She helped me in a time of serious need and was calm, smart and sharp in court. I only had to do community service instead of some serious jail time and I am so very glad I hired Miki Tal. She made me feel very protected and extremely confident that nothing bad will happen and I cannot express how important that is during a time of great stress. I am annoyed that my last review was filtered so I have to write another so that everyone knows what a stellar fierce advocate and kind person MIKI TAL is. Hire her and you will not be disappointed."


"Miki Tal is an excellent attorney. I have worked with her as a colleague and co-worker over many years, and I would not hesitate to recommend her services for the most serious criminal matters. She is very experienced and knowledgeable, and fights aggressively for her clients rights and interests. I have always been impressed by her courage and competence."

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